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Why choose Fiji Fitness


Fiji Fitness is a fun and fresh way of getting fit and healthy.

Train anywhere, anytime. Your training can take place one-on-one with your trainer or you can bring one, two, or three friends along – the cost of the session remains the same!

To fit in with your life, our Fiji Fitness trainers work seven days a week 530am until 10pm. Your workout takes place wherever you want: in a park, in your apartment, in your gym or even on a beach- anywhere that is convenient to you! Popular spots include Bowen Road, Hong Kong Park, Victoria Park, Kennedy Town and Happy Valley. We also train in Kowloon, Sai Kung and Lantau- our trainers come to you. Want to work out in a gym, or prefer to train in your clubhouse or even in your own home? No problem, we can arrange that too. You can even train with a mix of our trainers who will all communicate well and make sure you have a great workout every time. In short, Fiji Fitness is all about flexibility for our clients (you pick the time, the location, the participants, the trainer and the fee, depending on which package you opt for).

"It takes a lot to get an inherently lazy person like me motivated, but Joe and the Fiji Fitness teams approach had me looking forward to the classes with an ever changing, diverse (no 2 workouts were ever the same) & challenging range of sessions. Working out with a couple of mates, pushing each other under Joes laid-back but intense approach is perfect for those who can't stand gyms & prefer the great outdoors."

Matt Dalgety

Your fitness options

Led by Joe Nabou, who played for the Fiji rugby team. Fiji Fitness’ international team (Fiji, New Zealand, England, America, Australia and Hong Kong) consists of some of the best and most experienced, professionally qualified personal trainers in Hong Kong.

Whether you want to get in shape for a particular occasion such as a big birthday, wedding or after having a baby, or you’re in training for a competition, marathon or trailwalker, or you’ve just decided that its time to take your health and fitness more seriously, our trainers will help you reach your goal!

In addition to personal training and bootcamp we provide a range of other events including corporate fitness (HSBC Sevens event: view photos) and even kids' fitness parties. Scroll down to view our packages!

"Our experience is personalised training with our friends in the beautiful setting of Deep Water Bay. Joe provides just the right balance of motivation and encouragement without feeling like you’re in boot camp and he is perfect for any level of fitness."

Estelle Stringer

• Metabolic circuit training

• Fitball/ Kettle Ball

• Free Weights

• Kickboxing

• Pilates

• Resistance training

• Strength & Conditioning

• TRX Suspension

• Boxercise

• Yoga

First session is free!

Personal training packages

HK$8,00010 Sessions

Spread over 2 months. Upto four people in any group for just HK$800 per session. Extra people (5th,6th etc can be added for HK$150/per person). This package must be used within two months from the date of the first session.

HK$14,00020 Sessions

Spread over 4 months. Upto four people in any group for just HK$700 per session. Extra people (5th, 6th etc can be added for HK$150/per person). This package must be used within four months from the date of the first session.

Bootcamp classes - as little as HK$100/per session

HK$1,00010 Sessions

We provide bootcamp classes at the below locations. Please call 60465808 for registration. 

Kennedy Town:
Monday 9am, Tuesday 7:30pm, Friday 9am, Saturday 6.30am

Hong Kong Park:
Wednesday 7am

Group Class10 people

Want to create your own personalised bootcamp... Let us know the number of participants, preferred times and we will provide a quote for your own bootcamp up to ten people.

Events and Party packages

Corporate EventsEnquire



HSBC rugby sevens event 28 February 2014 at rugby stadium. We also provide corporate fitness training on a variety of different levels from colleagues training for a marathon to group Pilates.

Kids fitness partiesEnquire


Fiji Fitness provided fun kids' parties with range of activities that can suit all ages and abilities.


Meet our fiji fitness trainers

Joe - Head Trainer

NASM Certified Professional Personal Fitness Trainer

Joe Nabou is the founder of and head trainer at Fiji Fitness, a company he established in Hong Kong in 2009 and expanded to the UK in 2014. Joe brings a wealth of experience and accreditation to his unique fitness training programmes. He is qualified as a personal trainer and cross fit level one trainer, as well as being a professional rugby player and coach. He represented the national U21 team for Fiji as well as their national team in 2009. In addition he played rugby in Hong Kong and New Zealand for many years. Joe is keenly interested in holistic fitness from nutrition to training to physical rehabilitation post injury. Joe combines his abundance of professional experience with a laid back Fijian style to great effect. His workouts are tough, always varied, and highly enjoyable. He is known for pushing clients to the brink, and yet they always come back for more. He has many clients who have trained with him for a number of years and clients have even taken Joe overseas including Bali and Singapore. Joe trains individuals and athletes at all levels. He will undertake individual, group, couples and even family training and develop a bespoke programme according to fitness levels and goals. He also runs rugby training workshops mainly for kids who adore Joe. He instantly puts clients at ease, no matter shape, size, fitness level or age. He adapts his exercises and the workout routines to ensure everyone reaps the maximum rewards. His complete dedication to his clients' personal fitness and their progress enables him to constantly finetune their workout, enabling ongoing progress. Joe's training guarantees a challenging workout each and every time and you will walk away feeling energised and fitter than before.

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NASM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Marc has been involved in the outdoor and adventure industry for over 13 years. Coaching sports world wide and a clear passion for fitness, he transitioned into Personal Training in 2011. In that time he has trained numerous clients incorporating a range of tough activities into his fun cardio based workouts. He loves boxing, circuits, running and using your own body weight, with limited equipment. Marc motivates clients with his enthusiasm and happy and cheery personality. He also trains fitness in the outdoor industry including biking, kayaking and hill walking so if you want to improve fitness for these activities and/or a trail walker or triathlon event, Marc is the perfect trainer for you.

"I started training with Marc almost 3 years. Coming from a girl who owns 100 pairs of stilettos and one pair of sneaker, I have always been athletically challenged and I used to puff out running 20 meters! Marc got me to buy my first pair of cross-runners since high school and now I can run and not black out! In all seriousness, it is truly amazing how much my fitness has improved and I don't think I could have done it without Marc! Many thanks Marc!"


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Certified Professional Personal Fitness Trainer

Matthew has been involved in the fitness industry for seven years mainly as a strength and conditioning coach in South Africa and the Zimbabwe Sevens Rugby Team. Having a strong athletic and sporting background in rugby, athletics and cricket, Matthew is very passionate and dedicated to fitness and especially the needs of clients in pursuing their fitness goals. Having studied and qualified with a degree in Sports Science, Matthew is also a qualified World Rugby Level 2 coach, who currently coaches rugby in Hong Kong as well as playing . A very passionate trainer who believes in designing high intensity workouts and ensuring the client is reaching their optimal training peaks each week.

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BASI qualified Pilates Instructor and NASM Personal Trainer

Widely recognised as the best exercise choice during and after pregnancy,Jill’s specialist pre and post-natal Pilates training has seen her work for over 10 years helping ladies across Hong Kong have more comfortable pregnancies and then get their figures back – just as she herself did! Designed to suit the needs of the individual based on strengths and weaknesses, goals, and body type, Jill’s personally tailored instruction is fuelled as much by her passion for health as her satisfaction in sharing the journey to wellness. Her teaching style is also influenced by other modalities such as Feldenkrais, Nia, Yoga and Personal Training. Even if you are not a new mum or mum-to-be, training with Jill can help sharpen the mind and increase energy levels, or relax and rejuvenate at the end of the day, all the while strengthening, lengthening and toning, and leaving you with a clear sense of achievement.

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Yoga Alliance International Certified Yoga and Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor

With nearly a decade of experience practicing and teaching yoga in Hong Kong, Luba’s love for seeing her clients grow and blossom through yoga is as strong today as it was when she made the decision to quit the corporate rat-race in New York to pursue her true vocation. Luba’s style is tailored to the physical goals and emotional support needed by each client she works with - from gentle to playful to challenging. Including offering highly specialised pre and post natal yoga, her professional knowledge, experience, and skill allow her to help clients of all ages (from teens upwards) gain strength and flexibility whilst boosting energy to new highs to mitigate stress and enhance productivity – perfect for new mums or mums to be. Whatever your personal goal, it is Luba’s mission to make you feel healthier, happier, more peaceful and more alive through yoga.

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Everything you need to know

How much does it cost?

If you have never had a workout with a Fiji Fitness trainer then you can book a completely FREE first trial session! The price of each session with one of our trainers, whether a standalone session or a session taken as part of a package, is the same whether you train on your own... more

Where can I train? Do you have any facilities?

The beauty of training with Fiji Fitness is that your session can take place wherever you want - at your clubhouse gym, your home, at work, or a public park or beach. Our trainers are located across Hong Kong island, Kowloon and Lantau Island... more

Do I need to fix the days and times of my sessions when I pay, or can I book them as I go?

To secure the most convenient session time for you with the trainer you want, it is recommended that you fix the days and times of your sessions when you pay... more

If I plan to train in a group, do I need to tell you in advance who will be in the group?

To enable our trainers to be fully prepared for your session will all necessary equipment, you will need to notify us how many members will be in your group. When you... more

What if the group I train with will be fitter than I am?

Not a problem! In any group there will always be varying fitness levels and the trainers assess this and adapt the intensity according to the fitness levels. Don't worry - every participant will feel... more

Can I swap trainers to have different workouts?

Yes! Adding variety such as complementing your regular cardio workouts with yoga or pilates can yield great results. If you would like to swap trainers or swap workouts for just a few sessions or for all your... more

How do I know where to meet my trainer?

After you have booked your sessions and advised us of your preferred workout location, we will provide you with your trainer’s contact details so you can speak to them before your session and... more

What happens if it rains?

Unless your trainer thinks it’s too dangerous and contacts you to reschedule, your session will still go ahead in cold or wet weather. If a session is going to be cancelled due to Pre-No 8 Special Announcement... more

What should I bring to my session?

As well as wearing comfortable, loose fitting sportswear and supportive trainers, you will need to bring a towel and at least one bottle of water with you. If you are training outside, don’t forget to wear sunscreen! All other equipment... more

How can I pay?

If you have never had a workout with a Fiji Fitness trainer then you can book a completely FREE first trial session! The price of each session with one of our trainers, whether a standalone session or a session taken as.. more

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